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What to Expect

Making safety a top priority

Radiation exposure for Nuclear Medicine and PET.CT is similar to that of a standard X-ray, or radiograph. Healthcare providers around the world have found that the benefits of Nuclear Medicine, PET.CT and other diagnostic imaging exams outweigh the small risk of radiation exposure. Lancaster General Health is committed to maximizing quality while working hard to minimize the risk for our patients of all ages.

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What to expect

 A technologist will insert an intravenous (IV) line for the injection of the radionuclide. It takes about 60 minutes for the radionuclide to reach the target organ or tissue. You will need to lie quietly during that time. Before the exam begins, you will be asked to empty your bladder.  During the exam, you will lie on the scanner bed. You will move in and out of the PET.CT scanner, which looks like a large doughnut, several times. After the test, you can return to your normal activities. You should drink several glasses of water to flush the radionuclide out of your body.

How to prepare

Your doctor should give you specific instructions on how to prepare for your PET.CT scan. In general, tell your physician and the technologist about any medications or supplements you are taking, any recent illnesses or medical conditions. Women should tell the doctor and technologist if they could be pregnant or are breastfeeding. Tell your doctor and the technologist if you become uncomfortable in tight spaces, as the camera may come very close to your body. Remove jewelry and metal accessories or leave them at home. Hydrate with 2 glasses of water before coming in for your test.

Getting your results

The technologist is not permitted to discuss test results with you. A radiologist will interpret the study and forward results to your doctor. You can also view your results at MyLGHealth, a safe, secure online tool.

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