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Agnes Lenhart

Photo of Agnes Lenhart and CharleyAgnes was new to the area and needed to find a place where she could get her blood work done. LG Health Crooked Oak was conveniently close to her home, so she went there. Getting blood drawn has not always been comfortable for Agnes because her veins are harder to access with a needle.

When she went to Crooked Oak she was pleasantly surprised that Charley had no problem drawing her blood, and has never missed finding a vein. But it’s not just about experiencing painless blood draws for Agnes; it’s about the atmosphere at the Outpatient Center.

The staff makes everyone feel comfortable -- it’s a warm environment. They treat her like a friend and she now considers Crooked Oak her home for healthcare and never gets blood work done anywhere else.

Agnes recommends Crooked Oak to all of her friends. She can’t say enough about their kindness and their professionalism. 

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