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Outpatient Services

Lab Testing

What to expect

If you are having a blood test, the technician, or phlebotomist, will use a rubber strap to restrict blood flow in your arm. When a vein is visible, the technician will insert a smooth needle and draw one or more syringes of blood. You may have some slight bruising around the site. If you are having urinalysis, the technician will give you a sterile container and ask you to provide a sample.

How to prepare

Many lab tests don’t require any special preparation. Your doctor will tell you if you do need to do any special, such as fast the night before or eat a meal at a certain time. If you get special instructions, follow them exactly, as they can affect your test results.

Getting your results

The technician is not permitted to discuss test results with you. A pathologist will analyze the samples and forward results to your doctor. You can also view your results at MyLGHealth.

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