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Hydroworx Aquatic Therapy


What Is So Special About The Aquatic Therapy Pool?

The Hydroworx 2000 aquatic therapy pool is specially designed to enhance the patient’s rehabilitation and reinforce the healing effect that water has on the body. Although small in size the pool is large in capabilities which include:

  • A floor that can be adjusted to different heights. This allows the patient to walk into the pool without the use of steps or a ladder. The floor can then be lowered to any depth up to 6 feet.
  • An underwater treadmill that goes 0-8.5 mph. The treadmill is cushioned for low-impact and has excellent traction.
  • Individualized treatment programs which are utilized by physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists and speech and language pathologists.
  • An underwater camera and monitor that allow the patient and therapist to easily see the patient’s performance.
  • A cluster of therapy massage jets that provide massage and conditioning.
  • Highly trained staff.
  • The water is maintained at a temperature range of 88 to 92 degrees. This warmth promotes relaxation, range of motion, improved circulation, and an overall sense of comfort and well being.
  • Convenient, easily accessible locker rooms to offer comfort and ease of use
Patients receive a comprehensive evaluation with a physical therapist to determine deficits and how aquatic therapy can best be utilized to meet their individual needs. Once you are ready to begin aquatic therapy, you will be scheduled for 45 minute treatments with a licensed Physical Therapist and physical therapist assistant team. Your time in the pool may last anywhere from two to twelve treatment sessions depending on your diagnosis and your ability to progress with your aquatic exercise program.

The primary goal of the aquatics is to achieve independence in a community-based aquatic program and/or ease the transition to land-based exercise. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled with your evaluating therapist every two weeks to monitor your treatment plan and progress.

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