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Radiation Safety

Choose a radiology department committed to maximum quality and expert knowledge while keeping radiation safety a top priority.

Lancaster General Health has committed its resources to detect and treat life-threatening diseases and pathologies. Diagnostic Imaging plays a vital role in detecting such conditions. This imaging includes conventional x-rays, CT, fluoroscopy, mammography and nuclear medicine. There is a small but acknowledged risk in diagnostic imaging exams, a risk which Lancaster General Health works very hard to minimize for the patients we care for. Healthcare providers worldwide have found the benefits of diagnostic imaging exams outweigh the risks of such procedures.


The LG Health Department of Radiology
devotes itself to radiation safety while
maintaining top tier diagnosis and
treatment technology.


At Lancaster General Health, the status quo is not acceptable when it comes to radiation safety. The Diagnostic Imaging Department uses several methods to keep radiation at a minimum. Among these are digital x-ray detectors and software built to provide clear anatomy from low x-ray exposure. Staff education focuses on reducing unnecessary radiation and radiation physicists regularly monitor patient doses and equipment output.

Radiation Safety:


  • Dose conscious CT techniques for patients of all ages and sizes

  • Radiation Physicist monitoring of all x-ray, CT, and nuclear medicine equipment

  • Digital x-ray equipment

  • Imaging protocols designed to reduce radiation while maintaining image quality

  • Computer software compensating for lower x-ray exposures

  • Breast, Gonadal, Thyroid, and Eye shielding

  • ACR accreditation

  • Prospective Gating



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