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Trauma Service

A trauma is any kind of accidental or intentional injury that may occur to an individual. Many of the relatively minor traumas can be managed as an outpatient, either at Urgent Care or the Emergency Department. Primarily, Trauma Service would manage the more severe injuries, such as car accidents, gunshot wounds, stabbings, etc.

The Trauma Service is not limited to the Emergency Department (ED), but encompasses the entire hospital, where doctors, nurses and surgeons, in almost every discipline, are specially trained and certified in trauma care and are at the ready 24/7 to respond to an emergency.

In addition to having a trauma surgeon in the hospital 24 hours a day, an operating room (OR) readiness team is on standby around the clock, should surgery be needed. The trauma OR is dedicated solely to trauma patients and is equipped with the most advanced tools for delivering high quality emergency care the moment it is needed.

Features include:

  • Space and flexibility to enable more than one surgical team to operate simultaneously.

  • Digital technology which allows x-ray images to be sent electronically to the surgeon(s), enabling them to devise a treatment plan as soon as possible.

  • Fast re-warming system to quickly elevate the patient’s body temperature and prevent hypothermia.

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