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 Latino Health Awareness

  • Since 2000, the Latino population has increased by 50.7%, making it by far the fastest growing population group in Pennsylvania. According to the PA Department of Health, heart disease is the number one killer of Latino’s in PA followed by cancer and accidental death. Homicide is the fifth leading cause of death within this community.
  • LG Health’s five goals to improve the health status of the Latino community:
    1. Increase awareness of targeted health improvement strategies to reinforce personal responsibility for health outcomes as measured by impressions.
      • Healthy Weight Management Plan
      • Tobacco Control Initiative
    2. Increase educational programs to promote healthy behaviors as measured by pre and post evaluation.
      • Monthly bilingual health class emphasizing nutrition and physical activity at San Juan Bautista Church.
      • Provide health shopping tours in Spanish at centralized location frequented by the Latino community to teach healthy eating on a budget.
      • Provide funding for Shaping Health Habits Scholarship program for Lancaster Recreational Center.
      • Identify LiveStrong cancer awareness champions within the Latino community. These people model wellness and are interested in promoting living strong beyond a cancer diagnosis.
    3. Engage providers to promote positive behavior change through screening counseling and referral.
      • Collaborate with South East Lancaster Health Services and other family and community medicine providers to identify opportunities to increase access to primary care providers.
    4. Provide recommendations and strongly advocate health policy priorities related to Healthy Weight Management and Tobacco
      • Collaboration to implement nutrition recommendation at the following locations:
        • SACA (Spanish American Civic Association) - Integrate more fresh produce into soup kitchen meals.
        • St. James Episcopal Church - Incorporate nutrition recommendations into the Anchorage Breakfast Program.
        • The Boys and Girls Club of Lancaster City - Incorporate nutrition recommendations to improve the quality of meals served to children in after school programs.
    5. Increase diversity within Lancaster General Health workforce as measured by diversity and inclusion.


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