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Stranger Danger Awareness

  • Treat all strangers as if they are dangerous. Even strangers who know your name, family members’ names or where you live are dangerous. This information is not hard for strangers to find out.

  • Always walk with another person, or preferably a group. Stores, libraries, schools, police stations and fire stations are all safe places. If a stranger comes towards you, asks you something or makes you feel unsafe, run the other direction and make as much noise as possible.

  • Never take gifts, candy or food from strangers and never get in the car or let a stranger take you somewhere.

  • Teach your child how to answer the phone or door if he/she is home alone. Children should never tell a stranger they are home alone. They should call a safe adult right away if a stranger at the door or on the phone won’t leave them alone or is scaring them.

  • Teach your child not to help strangers. If a stranger needs help, your child should find a safe adult and tell them.

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