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Women & Babies Hospital > Advocates 4 Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Advocates 4 Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Sometimes childbirth can trigger flashbacks of past sexual abuse. Our providers are specially trained to recognize and sensitively care for laboring women who have experienced abuse—which according to national statistics, is as many as 1 in 3-4 women.

Triggers can be unexpected

Triggers can be very personal and surface unexpectedly while in labor, or even after you have delivered your baby. Body positions, proximity during physical exams, physical touch, and the labor and delivery process itself can all cause anxiety.

We want you to feel safe

Although all laboring women are asked if they have ever been sexually abused, this is not always an easy question to answer honestly.

Advocates 4 Survivors of Sexual Abuse training, led by Women & Babies Hospital nurses, shows fellow providers how to recognize signs of abuse, and make survivors—and all women—feel safe and comfortable.

We will carefully explain procedures and why they’re important, knock before entering your room, and ask permission to touch a nursing mother’s breast.

Ideally, survivors will disclose the abuse so we can provide the most sensitive care possible. If you would like to learn more about what you may experience during labor and delivery, we are happy to schedule a personal tour.

Please email a4ssa@lghealth.org.

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