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Starting your life together

After delivery, new mothers, babies and their families enjoy the first days of a new life together in one of our private post-birth rooms. Studies show that keeping mom and baby together better prepares both for going home. This special unit offers:

  • Spacious rooms that accommodate family and visitors.
  • A supportive environment for breastfeeding.
  • A massage and restaurant-style meal service.
  • Exceptional nurses who apply a holistic approach to care for every need of mother and baby.
  • A family lounge with a small kitchen area.

Examinations and Assessments

New mothers are checked frequently the first several hours after delivery. To maintain privacy, visitors are asked to leave the room while care is being provided. After your initial recovery, vital signs are taken every four to eight hours, and your nurse will assess your condition each morning, evening, and night. Blood drawn around 6 a.m. provides important information to your physician each day. Additionally, our caring nursing staff checks on you hourly throughout your stay to make sure that all of your needs are being addressed.

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