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A family-centered birth experience

Spacious private labor-and-delivery rooms are large enough to host family members who wish to be present during the birth of your baby. Rooms include whirlpool tubs, showers, and other amenities to assist the labor process. Our caring, experienced nurses work with you on relaxation and pain control techniques.

Surgical suites are located nearby to accommodate Cesarean births, and a Special Care Unit is available for mothers-to-be who experience pre-term labor or have other conditions that require more intensive monitoring.

To create a healing environment, individual units set aside a “quiet time” each day for you to rest and spend one-on-one time with the newest member of your family. During quiet time the lights on the unit are dimmed and staff refrain from unplanned interruptions. These times vary from unit to unit.

Pain Management

Helping you manage pain is important to us. We want to make sure your pain is limited while you are here. Let your nurse know when you need something for pain and if the medications are effective in controlling your pain.

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