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Wound Care & Hyperbaric Services

Wound Care & Hyperbaric Services

Suburban Outpatient Pavilion
2100 Harrisburg Pike, Building 2112, Suite 327
Lancaster, PA

(717) 544-3216

  • Michael S. Flood, M.D., Medical Director

  • Matthew Bacharach, M.D., General and Vascular Surgery

  • Daniel Mast, D.O., Internal Medicine

  • Steven Woratalya, M.D., General Vascular Surgery

  • Dr. Darren Barbacci, DPM
  • Dr. Keith Fleishman, DPM

Non-healing wounds can be a source of pain and disability. Wound management was created to assist patients with difficult wound-healing problems. Besides evaluating, cleaning and dressing wounds, the center offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

Chronic wound management demands a team approach. Successful treatment requires highly specialized and closely coordinated care. The wound management program designs a complete, individualized treatment plan for each patient involving the patient’s family doctor or referring physician.

Treatment team members may include:

  • plastic/re-constructive surgeons

  • vascular surgeons

  • foot surgeon 

  • wound care specialists

  • physical therapists

  • nurses

  • various other health professionals

What types of wounds do you treat?

  • Diabetic foot ulcers

  • Venous stasis ulcers

  • Wounds due to circulatory problems

  • Pressure sores

  • Burns

  • Other non-healing wounds

Healing may be impaired by:

  • aging

  • diseases such as diabetes

  • disorders that damage blood vessels

  • severe trauma

  • certain medications

  • infections

Because underlying problems can be difficult to treat, patients with chronic wounds can often have several of these problems at the same time. Successfully treating a chronic wound often requires the efforts of several medical specialists.


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