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Individualized Treatment Plans

Based on the findings of each patient’s initial evaluation, a specific treatment plan is designed. This evaluation may include:

  • Complete evaluation of overall health and past medical history

  • Physical exam focusing on conditions contributing to impaired wound healing

  • Blood work

  • Vascular studies

Treatment may include removal of non-living tissue, antibiotics and other interventions. When necessary, underlying diseases aggravating the wound-healing problem are also addressed. This may involve adjusting patient medicines, diet, and/or lifestyle practices such as smoking. In addition, physical therapy may also be recommended.

Successful treatment requires patient involvement. A key goal of Wound Management is to thoroughly educate and involve the patient in his or her care. Specific instructions on home wound care, hygiene and exercise are routinely provided to patients.



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Lancaster General Health received full accreditation in 2017 from the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS), a premier accrediting body for hyperbaric medical facilities worldwide. UHMS accreditation recognizes superior care and assures referring physicians that our program is held to a higher standard.


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