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Meet Chuck W. from Lebanon


A routine check-up. An unexpected result.

I went to see my family doctor and found out that my PSA level was high. My doctor recommended that I make an appointment with Dr. Jarowenko, a urologist at LG Health. I really didn't think it was anything so I was totally surprised when the results came back and I found out that there were 'markers'. Next up was a biopsy and wham -- I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Cancer. It can be all in the family.

In hindsight it should not have come as a shock. My twin sister and my mother both passed away from breast cancer. So my family history did play a big role in my cancer diagnosis. My sister and my mother did not take strong enough action early on with their cancer, so I was determined to get the best care and to do it as aggressively as possible. Like many cancer patients I began to take matters into my own hands and to do my homework on the best treatment and the best doctors out there.


Minimally invasive surgical expertise on a major level

I went online and did my research and found that Dr. Jarowenko is a very experienced, notable physician. . We are very lucky to have him in this area. At first I thought I would have to travel out of the area for my surgery, but the more I learned about Dr. Jarowenko's track record and in talking to some of my peers who had prostatectomies with him – I knew I was in the hands of a talented surgeon.

da Vinci Prostatectomy. Giving men reason to celebrate.

Dr. Jarowenko informed me about the da Vinci prostatectomy and the benefits. I was in the hospital for exactly one night. I had a follow-up cystogram about a week later and everything looked great. So how did I celebrate --I mowed the lawn! Within the next few weeks I was back in the garden full time, even driving out to get my own mulch. It did take a little while to get my strength back, but I am back to full strength now. What also amazed me was that I was not in a lot of pain. I was on pain medicine for about three days and that was it. My body began to feel better and better every day. Who knew surgery could be like this?


Reflections to live by

This whole episode has been life-changing. I think back to my sister and my mother and I realize that I was the lucky one – I caught my cancer early and I was able to benefit from technology that wasn't there years ago. Having a surgeon like Dr. Jarowenko who has been there so many times truly put me at ease. My cancer is gone. What more can I say.

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