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Meet Ricky L. from Stevens, PA

Pursuing a passion for an active lifestyle

I am a real outdoorsman.  Get me to the good old outdoors and I’m a happy man. I hunt all year ‘round and being active and in good shape is important to me. My work hours also require me to be on top of my game. I am a truck driver and I go to work at three in the morning and return home by early afternoon.  It’s a long day and it often ends with me playing with my six grandkids—all under six years old. Whew, it gets me tired just thinking about it all. But I love it. Most days I’m in bed real early!


“The Hunt" for understanding

When my PSA was high, my primary care physician referred me to several experienced urologists at Lancaster General Health. I became a patient of Dr. Woodard and he was terrific. I had a biopsy and waited for results. The news: I had prostate cancer. Right away Dr. Woodard made arrangements for my family to come in and talk the whole thing over. We made a decision as a whole team—the doctor and my family. The support of having everyone focused on making the right decision was very comforting. I knew I was in good hands.


A skilled professional - and a straight shooter

Dr. Woodard’s a great guy. He listens to what you have to say. He explains everything in detail and makes sure you leave with the information you need. He gave me all the options and said I was an ideal candidate for da Vinci surgery, He explained the benefits – faster healing time, less complications, a quicker return to work. Dr. Woodward said that since I was young, my best option was to remove the prostate altogether, and that the da Vinci procedure was the most precise and advanced method. I said ‘let’s do it.’


Targeting the prostate

I asked Dr. Woodard if I could hold off until after hunting season. He said ‘yes,’ so I had the surgery a few months later. I never had surgery before so I had no idea what to expect. I must say everyone at Lancaster General Health was great. They made me feel like I wasn’t going into the surgery alone. I had total confidence and, after the procedure, I was amazed how good I actually felt. This was major surgery based on what I expected, but it didn’t feel like it.”


Back in action, back to the great outdoors

I was in the hospital for a few days after surgery and in no time I was feeling great. I had no pain. In fact, early on I pushed myself too far. Given my work schedule and long hours, it took a few months to get back in the groove, but I really didn’t lose a beat. I’m back hunting and enjoying the outdoors. Dr. Woodard was amazed at the speed of my recovery, but what amazed me was his expertise and the care I received at Lancaster General Health. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


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