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Care Connections

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Success Stories

Care Connections is all about helping those in our community lead healthier lives through understanding and control of their medical issues. Below are several success stories which have come from our program thus far:


Adele is a 53 year old female with diabetes who graduated from Care Connections in January 2014. Her blood sugar control improved to healthy ranges. She is now exercising by walking to and from work three days per week and keeping track of her medications by using a pill box to help keep her organized. Adele is in stable independent housing and was able to obtain assistance for health costs.


Brooke is a 52 year old female with diabetes who graduated from Care Connections in January of 2014. Brooke had experienced six inpatient hospitalizations during the year prior to enrollment in care Connections, Now, Brooke has been out of the hospital for 12 months and counting! Other successes Brooke has achieved are controlled blood sugar from 9.4 to 7.3 and engagement with Red Rose transportations services. She is looking forward to living independently from family and is on the waiting list for an apartment of her own.


Erica is a 62 year old female with multiple medical issues who now has her freedom back by receiving a scooter! Erica has had seven months without an inpatient hospitalization and continues to grow in her independence and wellness.


Miguel is a 59 year old male with multiple medical issues who experienced 10 inpatient hospitalizations for a total of 74 days prior to enrollment with Care Connections. The longest Miguel had been out of the hospital during that time was 40 days. After enrollment, Miguel has experienced freedom from the hospital for 72 days! Miguel continues to work on his goals and is looking forward to graduation in the near future.

These are the first of many success stories of Care Connections.  These patients are in the driver’s seat of their wellness and we are so pleased to have been their health partners.


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