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Care Connections

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Lancaster General Hospital Population Health Fellowship
Curriculum Competencies

Fellowship Competencies
Possible Opportunities for Training and Exposure

Performance measurement and improvement

  • Meeting attendance
  • Participation in Ongoing Physician Performance Evaluation process
  • MPH course or Certificate Program

Hospital operations and governance

  • Meeting attendance (MEC, PCPC, Medical Director’s meeting)
  • Direct faculty mentorship
  • MPH course

Payment systems: Pay-for-performance, Global payment

  • Meeting attendance (LGHP Quality, ACO Quality)
  • Participation in P4P measure development process
  • MPH course

Physician contracting

  • Meeting attendance (PCPC, LGHP Finance)
  • MPH course

Organizational culture and behavior

  • Direct participation in LGHealth initiatives
  • MPH course

Quality and safety

  • Direct faculty mentorship
  • Participation in Quality and Safety initiative
  • MPH course

Management communication

  • Assistance with communication between the Care Connections and PCMH
  • Meeting attendance and participation
  • Observation of LGHealth leaders


  • Direct faculty mentorship
  • LG Physicians Leadership Academy

Care Redesign and Population Health Management

  • Direct faculty mentorship
  • Direct participation in LGHealth initatives
  • Meeting attendance (PCMH Comm meetings)
  • Curriculum development

Project management

  • Direct involvement in or leadership of LGHealth initiatives

The Fellow will participate in an intense orientation to various community resources to best manage the complex needs of the patient population. These include but are not limited to:

  • Shadow Navigators/Social Work/Care Coordinators
  • Public Housing System
  • Drug and Alcohol Resources & Mental Health Resources/ Crisis Intervention
  • Food Banks/Homeless Shelters
  • Pharmacies and Indigent Programs
  • VNA services, DME suppliers
  • Nursing Homes/Geriatric Services (Day programs)/Palliative Care
  • Research Institute -Mike Horst – Research Design and Process

The fellow will plan and coordinate CME, develop and support curriculum in population management for Allied Health, Medical Student and Resident education. The fellow will prepare and present data and findings from the performance assessment of Care Connections.


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