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Hospitals play an important role in educating patients about preventive services and screenings in order to maintain the health of the surrounding community. One way to promote healthy behaviors and prevent certain diseases is to screen and provide patients with immunizations prior to discharge from the hospital. 

The information below shows the percentage of inpatients who were screened for influenza and pneumococcal vaccine status and were vaccinated prior to discharge if indicated.  

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Data reflects current CMS Hospital Compare website, which shows data collected 4/1/2014 – 3/31/2015.


LGH State National

Influenza Immunization

Influenza is a respiratory illness that is easily spread from person to person and can cause hospitalizations and deaths. An annual influenza vaccination is the most effective method for preventing the influenza virus infection and its potentially severe complications. A higher percentage is better.
99.1% 96% 94%

Pneumococcal Overall Immunization

Pneumonia is a serious infection of the lungs. A worsening cold or flu can turn into pneumonia. It is recommended that those at risk for getting pneumonia, such as people 65 years of age and older, and people with heart disease, diabetes , asthma and other chronic illnesses, get the pneumococcal vaccine. A higher percentage is better.
97.4% 0% 98.8%

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