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  • What is the purpose of the orientation manual?

    • This is a comprehensive manual developed to provide information on Lancaster General Health’s safety, security, and infection control procedures, as well as worksite requirements. This information has been available in the past, but has not been assembled in this manner until this year.
    • The manual has been developed in an all-inclusive manner to assist with orientation of contractors who may not be familiar with work requirements while working at LG Health facilities.
  • What if my company already has an established orientation program?

    • The Lancaster General Health orientation program content is to be provided in conjunction with a contractor’s established orientation program and used in combination with a contractors’ own established safety programs, standards, and practices.
  • How can this manual be incorporated into an existing orientation program?

    • One recommendation would be to have the person who conducts orientation become very familiar with the contents of the packet and then add a summary of this information into the company’s existing orientation program. A power point presentation in the LG Health orientation manual summarizes the orientation manual material. Other documents in the manual expand on this power point presentation information. This manual should also be available and accessible for future reference in an area in or near the job site.
  • Who is responsible for providing orientation?

    • The General Contractor or contractor in charge of the job.
  • Who is responsible for completing the Daily Inspection Form?

    • The General Contractor or contractor in charge of the job is responsible for completing the Daily Inspection Form.
  • Where should completed inspection forms be returned?

    • Forms should be returned to the LGH Safety Department.
  • What method should be used to return inspection forms?

    • Several methods are available and any of these can be used:
      Fax: 717-544-4946
      Lancaster General Hospital
      Safety Department
      555 North Duke Street
      PO Box 3555
      Lancaster, PA 17604
      Email: aemackle@lghealth.org

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