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The SEPT9 DNA test (Epi proColon) is a blood test used to screen for colorectal cancer. It looks for a change in the SEPT9 gene that is a sign of colorectal cancer.

If the blood test doesn't find a change in the SEPT9 gene (a normal result), then you probably don't have colorectal cancer. But not all people with colorectal cancer have a change in the SEPT9 gene. So this test can't show for sure that you don't have colorectal cancer.

If the blood test finds a change in your SEPT9 gene (an abnormal result), then you will need a follow-up colonoscopy.

After you have this test, your doctor will advise you to continue to screen for colorectal cancer with stool tests, colonoscopy, or other methods.

The SEPT9 DNA test can find signs of colorectal cancer about as well as the FIT stool test can. But the DNA test has false-positive results more often than the FIT test.

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