Community Health Success Measures

Mental Health Matters

  • LG Health is a regional partner in the Campaign to Change Direction. We have pledged to share the five signs of emotional suffering with 275,000 people in Lancaster County and to work together to change the culture surrounding mental health.
  • Collaborated with the Community Services Group to conduct 6 Mental Health First Aid on how to resist tobacco, alcohol and drug use, and to promote healthy and positive personal development.
  • 75 people attended the Let’s Talk, Lancaster Mental Well-Being Expo a first of its kind event in Lancaster County that featured 8 workshops and 19 community exhibitors.

Improving Health Through Exercise & Healthy Diet

  • More than 4,500 people participated in active events sponsored by LG Health and partners:
  • National Walking Day, Open Streets, Bike to Work Day, and National Trails Day.
  • Success MeasuresMore than 160 people completed the Healthy Weight Management Program at the LG Health Wellness Center.
  • Two walkability audits and improvement reports completed by LG Health in Millersville Borough and Upper Leacock Township.
  • Two bicycle repair stations were installed by LG Health in Lancaster City (in partnership with the American Heart Association) and one bicycle rack was installed at Burrowes Elementary School.
  • Provided technical assistance and financial support to 20 corner stores in Lancaster City to enable the sale of healthier food options.
  • Started or expanded gardens at seven Lancaster County schools.
  • Provided technical assistance to wellness councils at 13 Lancaster County school districts.

Helping Lancaster County Residents Reduce Substance Misuse & Abuse

  • More than 5,600 Lancaster County school children received LifeSkills® training on how to resist tobacco, alcohol and drug use, and to promote healthy and positive personal development.
  • Success MeasuresProtected 372,750 residents (+12 percent of them children) from harmful tobacco smoke at parks, playgrounds and recreational areas through the Pennsylvania Department of Health's Young Lungs at Play program.
  • Assisted local housing professionals in adopting smoke-free policies that now protect nearly 1,400 residents in multi-unit housing units in Lancaster City.
  • Provided tobacco-dependence treatment to nearly 1,000 people throughout the county.