We are pleased to provide you with the current and past issues of Lancaster General Health's Annual Report.

These publications outline the many investments, achievements and health improvement programs and collaborative efforts we conduct in pursuit of our mission of advancing the health and well-being of the communities we serve.

2018 Annual Report

Our 125 years of commitment to care for one another and our community remains constant.

Read the 2018 Annual Report
LG Health Annual Report 2018

From our beginnings more than a century ago, we’ve evolved into a partner with the resources people need to make the right choices for their health and get the most out of life.

With family doctors keeping patients on track with screenings and checkups, to specialists repairing one's heart, replacing arthritic joints or fighting cancer, we continually reinvest in our facilities, technology and people to meet the changing needs and expectations of our community.

Through education, advocacy and action, LG Health and our partners throughout the region are fighting the obesity epidemic, reducing tobacco use and improving access to mental health services. All three are indented health priorities in our community. With coalitions such as Lighten Up Lancaster, civic groups, businesses and individuals, we’re engaging people of all ages, in every corner of our communities, to adopt behaviors that lead to healthier living.

If you would like a hard copy of this report, or have questions regarding Lancaster General Health's community health initiatives, please contact Alice Yoder, director of community health, 717-544-3283 or alice.yoder@pennmedicine.upenn.edu.

Past Reports

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