LG Health Cosmetic Services

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure to help you look and feel your best, our team can help you safely achieve your goals. Whether it’s a facial procedure, body enhancements or other services, our cosmetic (plastic) surgery physicians and medical aesthetician have the expertise and experience to help you reveal a confident new self.

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Breast Cosmetic Services

Your breast size can affect everything from your self-confidence to your comfort. Pregnancy, medical treatments, genetics, and the aging process can cause the breasts to change shape over time. Heavy breasts from early development on can cause back and spine pain.

Face Services

Your face is how you greet the world. Our cosmetic surgeons help you achieve the safest and most effective facial surgery treatment for the look you want to achieve.

Body Contouring Services

If weight shifts, age, or pregnancy has you wanting some changes to your body, our body contouring services can help you achieve a desired new look.

Skin Care Treatments

We offer a variety of skin care treatments to improve and maintain your skin’s quality—injections, fillers and laser services.

Cosmetic Services for Men

We offer cosmetic services to help men attain a look they desire. This may include everything from a more balanced facial structure to a smaller bust or waistline.

Transgender Services

We offer outpatient procedures for transgender and non-conforming individuals desiring the physical appearance and functional abilities of the gender they know themselves to be.

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