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Improving Patient Care in a Collective Way

Established in 2006, the Women's Giving Circle is a dynamic group of female donors from the community interested in improving the health and well-being of women and children in Lancaster County by supporting important health initiatives and programs LG Health. Membership gifts are pooled and awarded to projects throughout the LG Health system based on votes from the group's members. It's a unique giving opportunity to support a cause with dollars and have a voice in directing where those dollars go.

The Women’s Giving Circle meets three times a year for social time, along with educational and interactive discussions about LG Health system's growth and priorities, and to vote on the distribution of our collective funds.

Each member of the Giving Circle makes an annual gift of $250 or $500; 100% of the gift is designated to innovative and inspiring programs funded by the Giving Circle.

Membership gifts are accepted on a rolling basis from September through April. All memberships that are received by the proposal presentation meeting (held in mid to late April) will be pooled and distributed as gifts to the proposals/projects with the highest number of votes from the group.

"Thank you, LG Health Foundation and Women's Giving Circle for helping us purchase sensory equipment that will help so many children! My heart is so grateful, and the team is so excited to begin rolling out Operation Comfort Child at LGH! Many thanks again to you and the entire team who made this dream a reality!"

Michelle, Child Life Specialist, Lancaster General Hospital

Women's Giving Circle Grant Recipient

Child Life Supplies image 1

"I learned of the Women's Giving Circle and decided it was a wonderful opportunity to contribute not only my time and talents but also contribute in a philanthropic way. Becoming actively involved gives one the opportunity to really see the organization at work. Over time, I have also seen the way that a group of women committed to the tasks of this organization can come together and provide financial support for many outstanding programs that, while once were the hopes and dreams of various departments, have become realities."

Beverly, Women's Giving Circle Member

NICU Check presentation image


$250 (ages 39 and under)

$500 (ages 40+)

For questions about the Women's Giving Circle, please contact Ashlee Hurley at 717-544-4226 or

Current Women's Giving Circle Members (Sept 2020 – April 2021)

  • Susan Adams+
  • Mary Ellen Bachman+
  • Kathleen Bailey
  • Peggy Bayliss
  • Susan Bonekemper
  • Kimberly Bridgette
  • Linda Castagna*^
  • Nancy Chen
  • Judy Chesters^ 2020–2021 Co-Chair
  • Dana Chryst+
  • Celine Clouse*+
  • Patricia Collins Crognale
  • Debra DeBerdine
  • Gloria Degler*+
  • Patricia Desmond*+
  • Judith Dewitsky
  • Christine Droney
  • Martha Eppley*+
  • Susan Garofola
  • Lori Good
  • Elizabeth Grimm+
  • Jennifer Groff+
  • Ann Marie Hall+
  • Cynthia Hendricks
  • Colette Hipolit+
  • Linda Hoppes
  • Ashlee Hurley
  • Jennifer Knepper^
  • Kathy Kravitz+
  • Holly Kutz
  • Frances Legenstein*+
  • Ashley Lundy
  • Kelly Lynch
  • Carolyn McGuigan*+
  • Kay Miller^ 2020–2021 Co-Chair
  • Tammy Ober
  • Susan Peirce
  • Lynn Peters*+
  • Beverly Piscitelli*+
  • Ginjr Humphreys Robinson
  • Marianne Rudy^
  • Georgina Russo+
  • Rose Search*+
  • Catherine Slaugh
  • Linda Spire
  • Leslie Tahsler+
  • Marjorie Weintraub

*Founding Mother (2006 Charter Member)
+ 10 year member
^ 5 year member

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