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Concierge liaison Traci Frantz hopes to make travel to Philadelphia-area Penn Medicine locations seamless for local patients.

Traci Frantz and her daughter – both breast cancer survivors – have received excellent care at Lancaster General Health/Penn Medicine.
But getting to appointments in the Philadelphia area wasn’t always seamless.
Now, as Penn Medicine’s Lancaster-based concierge liaison, Frantz aims to simplify travel to Philadelphia for local patients. Since January, she has assisted more than 40 patients with travel plans.
Frantz, whose office is at 53 W. James St., describes her role as equal parts travel planner, problem solver and advocate. She provides patients with information on transportation options, directions, parking, hospital floor plans, restaurants, lodging and discounts.
“My goal is to make the patient’s life easier,” she said. “They have enough to worry about. They don’t need to worry about getting to their appointments.”
Some local patients who are referred to a Penn Medicine location for treatment may find travel to Philadelphia stressful, Frantz said. She recalls her own confusion over the location of her daughter’s appointments.
Frantz approached Penn last year with a proposal for a concierge liaison to assist Lancaster patients. “They were already thinking about doing something similar,” she said. “It was the perfect fit for me.”
Frantz has already received positive feedback from many patients and providers. Having accurate information can ease patients’ anxiety, she said, and some simply appreciate the opportunity to share their story with a sympathetic ear. 
One of Frantz’s favorite tips: Amtrak is a great option for traveling to Philadelphia. Many people don’t know about the available discounts, especially for people over age 62.
“Patients are focused on the details of their medical care and understanding it all. It helps when everything else is resolved,” Frantz said. “My mission is to make the concierge service a successful piece of the partnership between Penn and LG Health.”

  • To make a referral or request concierge assistance for a patient, call the Penn Medicine Concierge Referral Service, 215-834-4656, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Traci Frantz is available directly at 717-544-9012 or

  • Visit a new website for Penn Medicine travel tips (, including a video on taking the train to Philadelphia.

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