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From Patient Safety Officer Deborah Riley, M.D., and Director of Patient Safety Lisa Brosey, DNP, RN
DID YOU KNOW that there are numerous methods to notify leadership when you have questions or concerns about a compliance issue, patient safety or a specific patient case?

Multiple hotlines and help lines are available to directly report your issue or concern.  You can electronically submit your question/concern or leave it on a voicemail system.  Please leave the patient’s name and medical record number (if appropriate), your name (you can be anonymous) and the issue or concern.

Patient Safety
Call the Patient Safety First Line, (717) 544-4040, and leave a message.  (This should not replace the filing of a Midas incident report.)
Appropriate Care of a Patient
Call the Peer Review Referral Line, (717) 544-1833, and leave a message.
Trauma Process or related issue
Call the Trauma Performance Improvement Hotline, (717) 544-5980.
Compliance Issues within the hospital or health system
Call the Compliance Hotline, 1-(888)-411-3380, or go to the Quick Links section on StarNet and click on “Compliance Hot Line.”
If you have questions regarding this alert or any other issues related to Patient Safety, please contact the Patient Safety Office, 544-1016, or call Dr. Riley (544-8119) or Lisa Brosey (544-5205) directly.

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