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LG Health physicians offered expert advice on a range of medical topics in media interviews last month.
Dr. Deborah Riley of LGHP Infectious Diseases offered Zika virus prevention tips in an LNP editorial. Her best advice? Take common-sense precautions to avoid mosquito bites. 
LG Health Stroke Program Director Dr. Murray Flaster told LNP that quick recognition and response are crucial in treating people who’ve had a stroke. When in doubt, Flaster advised readers to always call an ambulance first.
And Dr. Jeff R. Martin, Associate Director of Family & Community Medicine, advised WITF viewers on the proper use of Q-tips. Dr. Martin sees about three patients per week who have pushed wax too far into their ear canals with a Q-tip.

Deborah Riley, M.D.

Murray Flaster, M.D.

Jeff R. Martin, M.D.

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