Each month Progress Notes will feature positive comments from patient surveys. Take a few minutes to read through and congratulate your colleagues on a job well done!

Patient of Shakeel Amanullah, M.D., and 5 North
I wish to thank each angel that was together with me in my stay in the hospital. My daughter told me of the effort of the emergency doctor, the nurses, and the entire team, for trying to catch me.  I saw them poorly but thanks to God, with such professional teamwork, I could and am telling it.  The agony of my family, those that came from Orlando, Florida, my children who were afraid for me, could return smiling and blessings for all of you. … Each one of these angels, God bless them.  Emergency, 6th and 7th floors, nurses, doctors, cleaning, meals, the students, thank you. For this I am in this state. Your help and your love. May God bless them.
Patient of Carl E. Becker, M.D., and 4 Lime
I would highly recommend LGH to friends and family. I had absolutely the best experience possible. The staff was excellent, and I had a great surgeon, Dr. Becker. We are so blessed in Lancaster to have one of the top hospitals in the nation. Thanks for providing the health care.
Patient of Brian T. Brislin, M.D., and 4 Lime
The staff on the (orthopedics) ward are some of the nicest people that I have met.
Patient of Edward T. Chory, M.D., Shirley Senda, RN, and 4 East
Shirley (from Kenya) was a great nurse.  Very attentive, pleasant, always had a smile.
Patient of Christopher Cooke, M.D., and 4 North
The nurses in the OR holding room and on 4 North were EXCEPTIONALLY kind and compassionate. MANY thanks to them all.
Patient of Jeffrey T. Cope, M.D., and 5 East
5 weeks in the ICU was life-saving.  ICU staff cared for and about me and my family in a superb manner.
Patient of Jeffrey T. Cope, M.D., Mandy O’Brien, RN, and 5 East
One nurse in particular stands out as a shining example of what patients come to expect - Mandy O'Brien.  She is a true asset to your facility.
Patient of Michelle L. Jordan, D.O., and 7 Lime
Had a great group of nurses on 7 Lime. Loved the fact that I was asked if it was OK to have student nurses help with my care. They were all great.
Patient of Christopher Kager, M.D., and 7 West
Since the first moment I admitted to the hospital I was treated with much respect & extreme professionalism.  Aside (from) how nervous I arrived to the hospital, each person who had to do with me, were so professional, that when they took me to the Surgery Room I felt as if I arrived at a reunion of friends. 
Patient of Stephen D. Renaldo, D.O., and 7 West
Nursing staff on 7 West were the absolute best!!
Patient of Jennifer Robertshaw, M.D., and Women’s Couplet Care
The nurses & doctors at Women & Babies were phenomenal!  I felt so cared for by all staff.  This is the best place possible to deliver a baby.  Thank you to all for the wonderful birth experience.
Patient of Paul R. Sieber, M.D., Marianna Ruhl, RN, and 7 Lime
Marianna Ruhl was a special nurse, her treatment and care for me was far and above normal.
Patient of David D. Sieger, M.D., and 4 Lime
I have no complaints about this stay. ALL staff was friendly. They worked well as a team. Pain management was the best I could hope for. A top notch team.
Patient of Jennifer M. Worth, M.D., Kristel Horning, RN, and 5 East
Kristel Horning RN was amazing.  She just looked at me and knew something was wrong.  Took care of problem I didn't know I had.  She is caring above normal & has a great sense of patients well-being.

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