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Each month Progress Notes will feature positive comments from patient surveys. Take a few minutes to read through and congratulate your colleagues on a job well done!
Patient of Thomas C. Overholt, M.D., LG Health Physicians Hospitalists, Paul D. Allegretti, D.O., Regional Gi, and 7 Frederick
NOT ONE bad experience 7 Frederick nurses/staff were great.  Dr. Overholt & Dr. Allegretti were great!  I am an LGHP employee and seeing the organization through the eyes of a patient made me even more grateful and thankful for LGH!!
Patient of Joseph F. Voystock, M.D., LG Health Physicians Surgical Group, and 5 Frederick
I feel pleased that the Dr's. listened to me and respected my wishes. Thank you very much.
Patient of Walid M. Hesham, M.D., LG Health Physicians Surgical Group, and 4 East
Wonderful nurses and excellent surgeon! THANK YOU!!

Patient of James C. Thurmond, M.D., Lancaster NeuroScience & Spine Associates, and 7 West
This was the best hospital experience that I've ever had.  Your staff is top notch.
Patient of Gary M. Zartman, M.D., Lancaster Orthopedic Group, and 4 Lime
It was a great experience. Great doctor & nurses explained everything that was going to happen next.  Were great.
Patient of 8 North
The nurses and aides were knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and informative. Belinda, one of my nurses, was exceptional in performing all her duties.
Patient of 4 Lime
I was treated as if I were their only patient.  Great guy brought my meals!
Patient of 4 Lime
Everyone was exceptional at their jobs, from nurses to PT to housekeeping.
Patient of Michael W. Sauder, M.D., LG Health Physicians Hospitalists, and 5 North
Tried their best to provide sign language interpreter when Doctors and Nurses talk to me. Did great job
Patient of 6 Frederick
The nurses were wonderful. They made my stay easy with their personalities. The nurses aides in green were wonderful. And the blonde lady food tray gal was very accommodating and KIND!
Patient of Christopher C. Cooke, M.D., Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster, and 4 Lime
Entire organization was focused on me and well coordinated, erring on the side of safety and thoroughness.
Patient of 4 North
I felt totally cared for!  If not for the injury, it would have been a great vacation/family reunion!
Patient of 7 West
This complex hospital is extraordinarily professional and a blessing from God and from some BIG hearted people. 
Patient of Samantha E. Day, M.D., LG Health Physicians Hospitalists, and 7 West
Everyone was very polite, caring, and professional - You have a fantastic team!!
Patient of Stephen D. Renaldo, D.O., LG Health Physicians Hospitalists, and 6 East
As the wife (care giver) of patient w/ dementia, I had to ask many questions in order to get info about patient's condition & needs.  The hosp. staff followed up w/ me and was then very helpful.
Patient of Elizabeth Ruszak, D.O., Doctors Eichenlaub and May, and Women & Babies Hospital
I delivered my first child at Women's & Babies Hospital; would highly recommend to anyone.  Nursing staff was knowledgeable, helpful and really cared about my family & me.
Patient of Women & Babies Hospital
Nurses during my stay were very nice & took extra time to help answer all my questions and concerns.  Was very happy with the level of care by staff!

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