Each month Progress Notes will feature positive comments from patient surveys. Take a few minutes to read through and congratulate your colleagues on a job well done!

Patient of 7 Frederick
I had a fear of LGH since my husband passed away in 1992. But the staff on the 7th floor were so great that my fears vanished.

Patient of Rebecca A. Sieber, M.D., LG Health Physicians Lancaster Physicians for Women, and Women & Babies Hospital
My labor and delivery nurse … was absolutely exceptional and helped me in more ways than I can mention. Dr. Sieber is also amazing. She definitely cares about her patients and looks at what is the best for our care. All the staff was wonderful and helpful during our stay; however these two made labor and delivery an amazing experience for a first time mom.

Patient of Heather D. Harle, M.D., LG Health Physicians Neurology, and 7 Lime
Dr. Heather Harle was excellent! … 7 Lime was wonderful!

Patient of 4 Lime
My nurse Julie (Reid) and the aide were among the very best and should be commended for their care and concern for their patients.

Patient of John C. Lee, M.D., LG Health Physicians Trauma & Acute Care Surgery, and 4 North
I want to thank Doctor Lee & … every single one of my nurses & case manager & so many of the patient care assistants!!! You are all amazing and pray you continue to drive out your mission.

Patient of 8 Frederick
Your young nursing staff put a new faith in our younger generation for me.

Patient of Lisa K. Kernic, D.O., LG Health Physicians Hospitalists, and 8 Frederick
Everyone was very nice and attentive to my needs. All nurses were excellent. Joy (Stoltzfus) in ER went out of her way and helped me enormously.

Patient of 5 North
Sherry (Groff) & Brigitte were extraordinary nurses. I am sure the night nurse was as well, but she allowed me to sleep so I rarely saw her.

Patient of William M. Parrish, M.D., Orthopaedic Specialists of Central Pennsylvania, and 4 Lime
I appreciated the excellent care I got from everyone. Nurses Julie (Reid) and Jamie (Leichty) (NIGHT) seemed exceptionally good.

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