Kim Smith
Kim Smith

Kim Smith is an attorney who has served on the LG Health board for five years. She serves on the Board Governance and the Mission & Community Benefit committees, and also serves on the board of the LG Health Heart Group. She and her husband live in Manheim Township.

What's your connection to the Lancaster area?
I'm a native of Ohio and my husband is from North Carolina. We moved to Lancaster in 1987 when my husband became the pastor at Lancaster Moravian Church.

What is your motivation/inspiration for serving on the Board of Trustees?
I have served on many different boards during my career. Before joining LG Health, I served as chair of Leadership Lancaster, the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Lancaster Bar Association. I welcomed the chance to serve on the LG Health board because of its role in the community and importance in ensuring our community's vitality.

What do you believe are the biggest issues in health care for our region?
In my work as a lawyer and in my personal life, I have seen the toll of mental and behavioral health issues on individuals—especially children, young adults, and veterans. Better access to mental health care is vitally important, and I'm glad LG Health has responded to this need. More broadly, I am also interested in how we can continue to drive healthcare quality. The closure of Lancaster Regional Hospital has also posed challenges to our community, to which LG Health is responding.

What's been your biggest surprise in serving on the LG Health board?
It has been eye-opening to see firsthand just how complex healthcare is. Most patients really have no idea how broad the scope of regulation and compliance is. Meeting those requirements is a huge responsibility and burden that is placed upon our employees, leadership, and physicians.

What about LG Health are you most proud of?
There are so many things to be proud of. I am proud of how LG Health serves the community and of the quality of care we provide. As a cancer survivor myself, I am tremendously proud of the Barshinger Cancer Institute, the fact that it was a gift from the community for the community, and most importantly for the model of patient care and the quality and scope of services that the ABBCI staff provides to patients and families.

If you could change one thing about how health care is provided, what would that be?
On a large-scale basis—nationally—I would like to see change that addresses the cost structure. I don't know if that means a single payer system, addressing escalating pharmaceutical prices, or what. I certainly don't have the answers, but I worry at how costs and lack of insurance stymies access to care for too many people.

What do you do for fun?
I love reading, antiquing, and traveling to see family around the country. I also play the piano and sing and enjoy anything that helps me be creative.

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