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Each month Progress Notes will feature positive comments from patient surveys. Take a few minutes to read through and congratulate your colleagues on a job well done!

Patient of Nancy Brenton, M.D., Family Medicine Strasburg
I was very pleased with my dr., Dr. Brenton. Since my dr. was not able to be there for delivery.

Patients of Doctors May-Grant and Women & Babies Hospital
Everything was excellent - Amazing nurses & midwife Jennifer Pagani-Smith.

A huge thank you to Adrienne (Weiler), Lyndsay (Hampton), Cindy & Jen (L & D nurses) for their amazing care when I was in labor. Also, thank you to midwife Angie Weidman for her excellent care & a safe delivery. You are ALL the best.

Patient of Luke Bingaman, PA-C, John Gill, PA-C, Hospitalists, and 5 West
Alicia (Snyder) & Betty (Frimpong-Mansoh) were outstanding. John Gill, PA-C, & Luke Bingaman, PA-C, were wonderful. Also Zelinette (Valentin) PTCA was very attentive to me. My overall care was exceptional, everyone went out of their way to fully explain everything.  Betty made my stay a pleasure. She was a constant reassurance to myself & my family.

Patient of 4 East
I was quite impressed from admission to ER to discharge. Brandy (Jenkins) was excellent on 4 East, as well as my admitting nurse, Rachel. The assistant helping cover my legs on a chair was very careful NOT to get blanket on the floor. I must tell you I am an old nurse.

Patient of 4 Lime East
I would like to give a shout out to all the nurses on 4 Lime East WHO TOOK SUCH good care of me! Especially Destiny (Plaza), who was my guardian angel and took such good care of me.

Patient of 7 Frederick
Student nurse Jennifer was with me doing paperwork before checking out & she recognized that I was having stroke like symptoms, called in nursing staff & started stroke protocol...she was wonderful. Also ALL the nurses on staff were wonderful to me!

Patient of 5 East
Very impressed with courtesy & respect of nurses, staff & others greeting you in hallways as I was transported to or from a procedure. 

Patient of 8 Lime
I can't say enough good things about the nursing staff on 8 Lime. Cally (Adams), Bob, Kaitlyn, Andrea and the rest of the staff were amazing!

Patient of 8 North
Every nurse, PCT or hospital personnel I met was so, so friendly, knowledgeable & kind.  I can't say enough.

Patients of 8 Frederick
Patient was in/out of LGH four times between April 23 - July 5 - every time was "top-notch", we wouldn't consider any other hospital!!!

Nursing staff were amazing, courteous and very caring A+++ on my experience.

Patient of 5 North
All of the nurses were outstanding - Abi Lopez went above & beyond.

Patient of 4 West
I consider my patient care very good. Most of the hospital staff I dealt with have a great amount of care, compassion and professional attitude. The staff in my mind are some of the best in the business.

Patient of 5 Frederick and Observation
Nurse Mallory (Peterman) was the BEST nurse ever!! She went above and beyond what was required of her!! Nurse Joyce (Wenger) was good too. I was then moved to 5717 - Emily and Erica (Jones) were great nurses as well!! 

Patient of 7 North
The nursing staff on 7 North were exceptional! Specifically Fran (Bell), Emily, Karin, Mary (Onyekwere-Eke), Rosanna, Josh, Natalie and others whose names I did not get. I am very impressed with the nursing staff at LGH including the ER, pre and post op and inpatient hospital care.

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