Maribeth LeBreton and family
Maribeth LeBreton, CRNP, with her family

From Ashley Kliewer, PA-C, Director, Advanced Practice

Maribeth LeBreton, DNP, RN, CRNP, APRN-BC, was one of the first three nurse practitioners hired at Lancaster General Hospital. Her success navigating current health-care challenges to deliver high-quality care to the most medically and socially complex patient population has led her to a well-deserved role, Managing Clinician of Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Physicians Care Connections. She is the first advanced practice clinician to become a Managing Clinician of an LG Health Physicians practice.

After receiving her CRNP certification at University of Pennsylvania, LeBreton returned to her hometown of Lancaster, where she has successfully jump-started multiple programs across LG Health. She started her career providing nurse practitioner home visits for patients discharged from the hospital with high-risk diagnoses, such as diabetes and heart failure, which resulted in decreased utilization of health-care resources. Other career highlights include working with teams throughout the organization to develop an Anticoagulation Outpatient Program, Insulin Pump Program, Inpatient Pain Assessment Team, Palliative Care Team and an Observation Unit.

While pursuing her doctorate, LeBreton worked with the Patient Education Committee and chaired the Health Literacy Subcommittee. During this time, she implemented an evidence-based health literacy-screening tool that was then added to the header in EPIC at LGH, communicating a patient’s level of health literacy to health-care teams. This was so successful that EPIC developers visited LGH in 2014, acknowledged the importance of knowing the patient’s health literacy, and added health literacy to the standard EPIC EMR header build. LeBreton continues to work with the Patient Education Committee to advocate for the continued use of a Health Literacy Assessment and Teach-Back Education.

Coming full circle to her career start, LeBreton currently works with the Care Connections team, caring for the medically and socially complex patient population. LeBreton explains, “We reduce readmission and emergency room visits, but most importantly, as a team, we try to peel away the layers to get to the behavior driving high utilization. We teach skills and tools to help patients sustain their health care independently and promote wellness.”

When asked about her successful relationships with her collaborating physicians, she replied, “Care Connections is so unique because it brings together those clinicians who are internally driven to care for highly complex patients. We are always in the same room, bouncing ideas off of each other. We develop the plan as a team, so the plan can be carried out independently of who is rounding or seeing that patient that day.” She added that “hierarchy is flat” at Care Connections: The patient care navigator, case manager, clinical support staff, pharmacist, APC, Pastoral Care, Customer Engagement specialist and physician all have the same level of input in the care of the patient.

LeBreton is excited to develop the role of the APC as a Managing Clinician. In this role, she will be a part of the LGHP management team, responsible for leading the clinical operations of Care Connections in collaboration with LGHP executive leadership and the program supervisor.  She also will be responsible for influencing patient satisfaction, employment engagement and well-being by advocating for the practice and serving as a role model and ambassador for LG Health. At Care Connections, she hopes to further integrate behavioral health access, which is often an important aspect of caring for the complex patient.

LeBreton and her husband of 28 years, Ed, are the parents of Amanda, an RN pursuing her CRNP certification, and Emily, a marketing specialist. In her spare time, she exercises and takes weekend trips with family and friends.  Some of LeBreton’s more recent memorable trips include watching the Travers in Saratoga Springs and a visit to the Castle and Key Distillery in Kentucky for a tasting event to choose the barrel of bourbon which was “won” at a local gala.

LeBreton also volunteers in her community, serving on the Board of Trustees of a local retirement community, a local high-school advancement committee and in outreach programs at her church.

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