Jordan Space;
Jordan Space

Jordan Space is Market President – Central Pennsylvania for S&T Bank. He oversees all banking services and operations for the Central PA region. Mr. Space began volunteering on the LG Health Board Finance Committee in 2016. He and his family reside in Manheim Township. 

What's your connection to the Lancaster area?
I was born and raised in Lancaster County. College and my early career took me out of the county for eight years, but I was happy to return in 2010 and begin raising my family and continuing my career in banking.

What is your motivation/inspiration for serving on the Board of Trustees?
Serving on the LG Health board is a way to help people and the broader community.  I am inspired by the mission and vision of LG Health.

What do you believe are the biggest issues in health care for our region?
The challenges we face are similar to those we face as a nation: We need to do better with creating a continuous, transparent health system that serves everyone. I think Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health is doing a lot of good work in this area.

What's been your biggest surprise in serving on the LG Health board? 
I began serving on the Board Finance Committee in 2016 and became a full board member earlier this year. “Surprised” maybe isn't the right word, but I've been really impressed by LG Health's commitment to quality. The number of patients we serve is amazing.

What about LG Health are you most proud of? 
The people who work here are great. And I am proud that Penn Medicine LG Health constantly evolves to meet community needs. We are always analyzing and reanalyzing everything. I think that keeps us sharp and responsive.

If you could change one thing about how health care is provided, what would that be? 
I would like to see a fully transparent and continuous system of care across the county. And by “transparent,” I mean that patients would fully understand costs, how the system works, and their role in it and their health.

What do you do for fun? 
With two young kids at home, I love spending time with them, along with my wife. I also enjoy golf and discovering new courses throughout the region. I enjoy following all Pittsburgh sports teams as well. 

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