From the Clinical Documentation Team

Vizient released new variables in July that LG Health now uses on all charts.

  • Debility Variable now called: Chronic Fatigue and Other Debilities. This only includes Neoplastic (malignant) related fatigue, Functional quadriplegia, Chronic fatigue—unspecified, Age-related physical debility (frailty), Limitation of activities due to disability, Bed confinement status, Other reduced mobility.
  • Cardiac Arrhythmias: Tachycardia unspecified no longer included
  • Cachexia is now its own variable (used to fall under debility)
  • PVD must be specified to an extremity to be captured, no more unspecified

Sources: Pat Ducey RN, BSN, CCDS Mortality Retrospective CDI and Vizient Variable Excel spreadsheet

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