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From the Clinical Documentation Team

End Stage Heart Failure occurs when conventional heart therapies and symptom management strategies are no longer working. Of the more than 6 million Americans living with heart failure, about 10 percent have End Stage Heart Failure. These individuals are often on home Milrinone, evaluated for VAD insertion or heart transplant, or consulted for hospice.

In the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology's A-to-D staging system, advanced heart failure is stage D. The New York Heart Association grades the severity of symptoms on a 1-to-4 scale.

End Stage Heart Failure is a Vizient Variable. CDI will query for End Stage Heart Failure or Stage D Heart Failure when appropriate.

REMEMBER: Always answer CDI queries (They are here to help you!). Any questions for the clinical documentation team, please call Jean Banzhof, 717-544-4426.

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