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Each month Progress Notes will feature positive comments from patient surveys. Take a few minutes to read through and congratulate your colleagues on a job well done!

Patient of the Emergency Department
I was extremely happy with the efficiency of the ER when we arrived. We dealt with very kind staff members and had all questions answered and things explained appropriately. It was my first time at LGH and I will definitely be looking to use this as my primary hospital in the future. Thank you!

Patient of William T. Monacci, M.D., Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Physicians NeuroScience & Spine Associates, and 4 Lime
I had excellent care, from the surgeon's expertise to the nurses & aides (special thanks to Laurelei, Alex, Paige, Martha).

Patient of Jennifer Schwartz, M.D., Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Physicians Trauma & Acute Care Surgery
Dr. Schwartz (who removed my appendix) was wonderful. She took the time to review the CT scan & answer all my questions. She explained things before the procedure so well. I didn't feel rushed and I felt heard. Thank you, Dr. Schwartz. Please relay this to her & left her know what a GREAT job she did!

Patient of Yaroslav Lando, M.D., Pulmonary Associates of Lancaster, and 3 East
All doctors, nurses & assistants were great, but Leah was above & beyond in every category.

Patient of Matthew Brennan, M.D., Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Physicians Hematology & Medical Oncology, Jaime Moellman, M.D., Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health Physicians Hospitalists, M.D., and 8 Lime
Dr. Brennan and Dr. Moellman were extremely good!! I would recommend them to family & friends.

Patients of 4 Lime
I've had hip replacement since 2015, therefore I'm unable to bend down & wash my feet. Jordan on 4 Lime washed my feet when I got my first bird bath. Very much appreciated.

… "TJ" on ortho ward a real asset! His smile and sense of humor kept my spirits up!

... The orthopedic wing at LGH was wonderful. And nurse Sarah Beck was fantastic!

… the nurses and aides were fantastic, and even when they were busy, were pleasant. I felt like the nurses very much had compassion for the pain I was in and could not even adequately express and took measures to contact the doctor for my relief. I was very pleased with the PTCA, all of them. I only remember TJ and Celines (Saltares). They were so friendly and kind. Food service was bright and cheerful.

Patient of 5 North
5 North is the best run floor that I have ever had take care of me. Everyone came in with a smile and was very pleasant and extremely helpful. The one nurse that took care of me … Abi (Lopez) … was extremely the best RN I have ever dealt with. I didn’t have to ask for anything. He just knew what I needed and when I needed it. Thank you, 5 North, for outstanding care. Everyone I came in contact with told me how much they love working on this floor and it sure did show with their actions, not just the talk.

Patient of Lancaster General Hospital
To Jan L. Bergen: I think you have a great lot of young people who are very respectful to older patients & love their profession. Congrats to them! Thanks to you all!

Patient of Women & Babies Hospital
Our nurse on 1/8/20 evening shift "time" & midwife were amazing. I am so thankful for their guidance & care. Great job ladies, YOU are the reason my experience was great!

… the triage nurses were the best… When I was roomed, Kelly and the nurse before her are absolutely amazing in triage.

… I can't say enough about the care I was given here! Completely different from my previous birth at another facility. Claire (Reiner) from L&D was a saint! I will continue to brag about my experience to everyone!

Patient of 4 West
The staff was excellent, especially the nursing staff… The food was good too… The charge nurse on 4 West was awesome, and I left LGH with a better outlook on life because of nurse Lisa. She listened to my jazz and helped me with getting rid of some baggage I had when I got to LGH … Thanks so much for all.

Patient of 5 East
I was cared for better than ever before. A nurse’s aide named Blake (Tentinger) was extremely kind and helpful.

Patient of 6 Frederick
Your ICU nurses and aides were the best! The 2 that got me through from the beginning were named Jamie and Brenda (Freyer). They were a GOD sent blessing.

Patient of the ICU and 8 Frederick
Nurse Hannah (Eberly) in the ICU was very good. The aide on the 8th floor, Alise—both were excellent. It's good to have employees like these two girls. All the nurses were good.

Patient of 8 Frederick
The nurses and staff were outstanding in care, professionalism, courtesy, and every way possible. Many thanks and a big shout out to RN Mary, SN Corrine and support staff Emily Moore.

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