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5 Exercises to Help Prevent Back Pain

  • author name George Cattell, MS, PES, COS
Lady with sore lower back

Does your back feel a little stiff and sore in the morning or after you sit in one place for a while? These 5 exercises can help. And the best part—they only take about 10 minutes. Please note, if you have major back issues, this program would not be appropriate. Talk with your doctor about your best options.

Click here to listen to exercise physiologist George Cattell talk about how to prevent back pain, knee pain and improve balance in these LNP videos. Back pain is the second video on the page.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Stand next to a chair (in case you lose your balance). Place one foot back on a different chair or the edge of the sofa. Standing up tall, bring your knees together and squat down until you feel a slight stretching. Hold each one for 15 to 20 seconds, and repeat twice on each side.


Hamstring Stretch

Using a towel, pull back until you feel a little pull on the back of your leg. It should not be painful. Hold each stretch for 20 to 30 seconds, and repeat twice on each side.

George Cattell 

Lower Abs

Perform a pelvic tilt, keeping your back flat on the ground. Bring your knees to your chest and slowly lower your feet toward the ground (not letting your feet actually hit the ground). Pause and bring your feet back up.

George Cattell 
George Cattell 

Hip Bridging

Put your right ankle on your left knee. Boost up your hips as high as you can get them. Hold for 4 to 5, seconds and lower your hips. Repeat 12 times, and do two sets on each side.


Crunches with a Towel

Use the towel to support your head, not pull on your neck. Make your stomach tight, and lift your shoulders straight up off the mat (not rolling up, like a sit-up), and lower them back down. Again, don’t pull on your head to complete the crunches.

author name

George Cattell, MS, PES, COS

George Cattell, MS, PES, COS, is an exercise physiologist with LG Health’s MyHealthyLiving team. Cattell oversees LG Health’s Employee Fitness Center and offers a variety of health and wellness classes for our Community Health and Wellness services.

Education: California University of Pennsylvania, B.S., Athletic Training, M.S., Health Promotion and Injury Prevention. Certifications–National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist; Childhood Obesity Specialist.

Call: 717-544-2301

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