Cooking with Kids: At Home for the Holidays

Holiday cooking with kids

While the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for families in so many ways, lots of people say they’ve actually enjoyed upping their cooking skills, trying new recipes, and involving their kids in the kitchen. Over the holidays—and any day—the kitchen can be the perfect classroom for teaching the basics of cooking and nutrition and having fun at the same time. And of course, there are the benefits of healthy, economic meals, and some special treats treat, too!

What Kids Can Do in the Kitchen

With adult supervision, even younger kids can lend a hand in preparing family meals.

  • 3-5-year-olds can mix simple ingredients together
  • 6-7-year-olds can crack eggs and measure ingredients
  • 8-9- year-olds can use a can opener and pound chicken on a cutting board
  • children ages 10 and older can chop vegetables, simmer ingredients on the stove, use the microwave and bake food in the oven 

Recipes from the LG Health Hub

We’ve perused the recipe section of LG Health Hub for some favorite recipes that are easy for a family to prepare together.

Note: Since many family gatherings will be smaller during the pandemic, remember to check the number of servings per recipe and reduce ingredients by half as needed.

Amish Breakfast Casserole
Bring on the morning cheer with this hearty but healthy Amish Breakfast Casserole.  While younger children will have fun stirring together all the ingredients, older children can sauté the onions and Canadian ham.

Skillet, Pasta, Beef and Vegetables
On a cold winter evening, this comfort meal can be made in about 30 minutes. Also a wonderful meal to share with a neighbor or a friend who may be alone. It is just as delicious reheated. Our  Baked Ziti is another great comfort meal and perfect for sharing.

Mexican Baked Sweet Potatoes
What could be simpler than popping sweet potatoes, or yams, in the oven? Older children can help sauté the veggies and younger children can add their favorite toppings.

Crockpot BBQ Chicken Sliders
Add two cups of your favorite store-bought sauce, rather than making the sauce in this recipe, and cut prep time in half. Turn on the crockpot and relax. Children can help shred the chicken for the sliders. Yummy!

Holiday Cranberry Loaf
Electric mixer not required! Children can measure the ingredients, stir them together in a large bowl, and pop in the oven. Delicious warm or at room temperature.

Candied Nuts
Need a last-minute gift, or just a great snack? The whole family will enjoy these cinnamon-sugar coated nuts for a special treat.

Rice Krispy Treats
A classic dessert all kids love to make. Our chewy treats are a healthier version using nut butter and natural sweeteners.

For more recipe ideas visit LG Health Hub.

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