The Perrone Sisters Choose Family Medicine for Obstetrical Care

Sisters Dr Sadhukhan

The Perrone sisters are a tight-knit family. They share almost everything. Childhood memories, advice, recipes, outings with their six kids…and even a family medicine doctor who delivered most of their children.

From the Oldest on Down

It all started with Grace (mom to Ben, Sophia, Emma) who was in search of a family doctor. She chose Dr. Ankur Sadhukhan whose practice was close to her Lititz home.

“I felt comfortable with Dr. Sadhukhan right away,” recalls Grace. “I could tell he really cared. He took his time and answered all my questions. I never felt rushed.”

Although she didn’t know it when she selected Dr. Sadhukhan, Grace soon learned that he offered obstetrical care. She was pregnant with Ben at the time and liked the idea of her primary care physician caring for her through her pregnancy, delivery, and beyond. She also appreciated that Dr. Sadhukhan could care for her son from birth through adulthood.

Family medicine is deeply rooted—both in training and in philosophy—in caring for the entire family at every stage of life,” explains Dr. Sadhukhan. “Many primary care providers are trained to provide pregnancy care, including preconception counseling, prenatal care, and even deliveries for women at low risk for complications.”

Prenatal Care and More

Her two sisters often went with Grace to her prenatal appointments and also appreciated the continuity of care a family medicine doctor could provide. Soon Kristina (mom to Zarek and Mia) and Katarina (mom to Khloe) became patients of Dr. Sadhukhan who provided their obstetrical care. None of the sisters thought twice about following him when he joined Family Medicine Strasburg, a practice farther from their homes.

“There was no question that I would follow Dr. Sadhukhan,” smiles Katarina. “I love that he knows and always remembers the details about my family and me and thoroughly explains everything.” 

Coordinated Care for a C-Section

During Kristina’s first pregnancy, when complications indicated she would require a c-section, Dr. Sadhukhan coordinated her care with OB-GYNs at Lancaster General Health Physicians Family & Maternity Medicine who have specialized training to perform the surgical procedure. Dr. Sadhukhan continued to oversee Kristina’s care and after Zarek was born, came in on his day off to perform his circumcision and has cared for the entire family ever since.

“That meant so much to me,” remembers Kristina, who says the kids love Dr. Sadhukhan as much as their moms.

As Kristina prepares for the birth of her third child, she is enjoying another great experience with Dr. Sadhukhan and she, her sisters, and their families look forward to being in his care for years to come.

Family Medicine Training in Women's Health

Women’s health is a major area of focus in all primary care medical education. Family medicine physicians like Dr. Sadhukhan understand and monitor their patients’ entire health picture. From regular physical exams, gynecologic care, and preventive screenings to care during pregnancy and illness, your primary care physician gets to know you well and helps assure you get the care you need, when you need it.

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