Join this guided prenatal workout and walk through a warm-up and full body circuit, and end with relaxing stretching routine perfect for pregnant mamas and their changing bodies. Throughout the video, you'll see easy-to-follow cues to ensure correct form, as well as modifications for each exercise (while we want to get a good workout, we also want to ensure that you’re not overdoing it!).

During this workout we’ll focus on diaphragmatic breathing, which will help you to better connect with your core and pelvic floor, and can also help keep your body safe while exercising. We’ll also talk about why interval-timed workouts (alternating short bursts of higher intensity exercise with periods of rest or recovery) are a great format to use for prenatal exercise. All of the exercises in this workout are compound exercisesmeaning they work multiple muscle groups at the same timewhich will help you build all-over strength in preparation for baby's arrival.

All you'll need for this workout is a bench (or chair) and one dumbbell. Let’s get strong, mama!