A friend giving a new mother a gift.

When visiting a new mother and her baby for the first time, many people choose to bring a gift for the newborn. Presents for a new baby are fun (and easy) to pick out! You can’t ever go wrong with a book, toy or a cute outfit.

But we’ll let you in on a little secret—bringing a gift for the new mom herself is a surefire way to brighten her day and boost her confidence as she begins her new role as a mother. Choosing a gift for the new mama in your life is a tall order you’ll want to get her something that makes her feel special (after all, she just completed the heroic task of bringing a human into the world), but is also useful during her first few weeks of parenthood. 

Here are some of our favorite (and extremely useful) gift ideas for new mothers.

Bring Her a Meal or Snack

New moms are so focused on feeding their new baby that meals for the rest of the household simply aren’t top of mind. Cooking a meal for a new mama is more than a gift (or even a nice gesture)—on some of the hardest early days of parenthood it’s a lifeline, and a much-needed act of love. 

And if you’re not able to deliver a meal in person, fear not! Sending one from a local restaurant or even providing a gift card for a meal/meal kit subscription service are great ways to make sure mama is able to easily nourish herself, too.

When taking care of a newborn, it may be difficult to sit down for a meal. Nutritious snacks are another thoughtful way to help feed a new mama. She will appreciate something she can eat with one hand while holding her little one.

Comfortable Clothes

The early days of motherhood certainly aren’t glamorous, and new moms spend a lot of time (ok…all of their time!) in loungewear and leggings. Grabbing a cozy pair of pajamas, soft leggings or slippers is a great way to help her feel comfortable as she snuggles with baby (especially when her postpartum aches and pains are anything but comfortable), and gives her more options for the inevitable wardrobe change due to spit-ups, leaks and blowouts.

Breastfeeding Support Kit

For the breastfeeding mama, who will spend hours (and hours) a day nursing her little one, a kit full of breastfeeding essentials can be a life saver. Consider including:

  • Lanolin cream or gel pads to help ease soreness
  • Soft, washable nursing pads (she can never have too many on hand to protect her clothes from leaks!)
  • A fun water bottle to keep on-hand, or healthy beverages to ensure she’s getting proper hydration (things like seltzers and coconut water are excellent choices)
  • Quick, nutritious and filling snacks (bonus if they have milk-boosting ingredients like oats!)
  • Wireless headphones, so the new mama can listen to some music or an audiobook while nursing her baby

Items for Pampering

It can be hard for a brand new mama to get some time out of the house (let alone by herself) to visit a spaso bring some goodies to her for some at-home pampering:

  • Face masks or creams for a DIY facial treatment
  • Refreshing body wipes (let’s face it, some days even getting time to shower can be tricky)
  • A fun new nail polish color (now that she can reach her toes again!)
  • Epsom salts/bath bombs for when she’s cleared by her doctor for bath time
  • Scented candles for some calming aromatherapy during even the most stressful days

Gift Cards

A new mama can never predict what she or her newborn will need on a daily basis—which is why you can never go wrong with a gift card! Giving her a gift card to her favorite store allows her the ability to make a quick purchase when an unexpected need arises (sometimes even during a middle of the night feeding!) for speedy pickup or delivery.

Words of Kindness

There are many ways to make a new mama feel special without spending money. Send her a text, or even better, mail a card letting her know you care about her. Words of encouragement and understanding go a long way to help a new mom feel supported and recognized. A simple message such as, “These first weeks of parenting are challenging. I see how hard you are working. You are an amazing mom with good intuition,” will do wonders to help her feel understood and appreciated.