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Investigating cases of possible child abuse requires sensitivity and skill. Child victims often have to tell their stories, which is an especially painful experience.

The Lancaster County Children’s Alliance’s multidisciplinary team of pediatricians, psychologists, nurses, social workers, child protection workers, law enforcement officers, prosecutors and victim advocates works together so young victims only have to tell their stories once -- and always to an interviewer specifically trained for the job.

Manager Mary Halye says the alliance focuses at all times on the well-being of the child.  

“These kids may have been through something traumatic,” Halye said. “They shouldn’t have to keep repeating their stories. Here, we bring all the services to the child at the same time.”

The alliance consists of Lancaster General Health, the Lancaster County Children & Youth Social Service Agency, the Sexual Assault Prosecution Unit of the District Attorney's Office and YWCA Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center.

To report a concern about possible child abuse, call ChildLine at 1-800-932-0313. 

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