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Each month LG Health highlights one of our valued partners. Together, we strengthen the health of our community in ways that are impossible to do alone.

The Lancaster County Planning Commission acts as the hub of county-wide planning, serving as the organizing force behind something known as “placemaking.”

Its director for countywide planning, Scott W. Standish, defined placemaking as the creation of places where people want to live, play, and work and said that doesn’t happen by chance.

“We are the only county agency that provides a holistic platform on which to plan our future,” Standish said. This can only be done, he added, when there is an inclusive, shared vision. He said that LG Health and its Lighten Up Lancaster County coalition bring a unique focus on and expertise in public health and wellness that is critical to the plan’s success.

LG Health is proud to be a long-time partner to the Commission, most recently on the project places2040, an update to the Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan. Places2040 contemplates a Lancaster County that supports its residents’ total well-being and encourages physical activity, healthy eating habits and mental well-being.

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