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As more Americans are suffering from diet-related chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease, nutrition must be a community health priority.  Lancaster General Health is focused on promoting healthy eating and encouraging our community partners to prioritize this important issue.

On Aug. 25, Brenda Buescher, Health Promotion Specialist at LG Health, presented at the annual Agency Appreciation Conference hosted by Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. The conference focused on “Food is Medicine”. The event provided education and resources for not-for-profit agencies that operate food pantries, serve community meals, or provide food for senior and children’s programs.

Along with representatives from other local health systems, Buescher discussed the importance of healthy food for vulnerable populations and shared opportunities for food service agencies to partner with health professionals to improve health outcomes for the community. 

“In Lancaster County, nearly 55,000 people are food insecure – meaning they don’t have enough food for a healthy, active lifestyle,” says Buescher. “LG Health helps patients with food needs and works with partners to change the community food environment in Lancaster County.”

Through the Healthy Corner Stores initiative, LG Health educators work with smaller, local stores to assist them with adding healthy items to their shelves. In addition to stores, LG Health works with food pantries and not-for-profits that serve meals to people in need to help them give their menus a healthy makeover.

For those who are organizing food drives, LG Health staff collaborated with Hunger-Free Lancaster County to develop a Healthy Food Drive toolkit. This resource helps people learn how they can promote health and well-being with their food donations. For more about getting involved with our community efforts to promote access to healthy food for all, contact

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