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In January 2008, Lancaster General Health’s MyHealthyLiving team launched a campaign to promote a tobacco-free lifestyle. The comprehensive initiative encourages LG Health employees and family members to improve their health and the health of those around them – including visitors to LG Health facilities.
To support employees, spouses and community members in their journey to live tobacco-free, LG Health offers free tobacco treatment counseling, pharmacotherapy*, and smoking cessation consultations.
In the most recent LG Health annual health risk assessment, MHL’s efforts to promote a tobacco-free lifestyle have proven successful. Only 1.6 percent of employees and spouses who participate in the assessment reported tobacco use, down from the 10 percent that reported in 2008.
LG Health’s MHL is committed to helping employees and area residents live a tobacco free life. Free community quit programs are available through LG Health and can be accessed at or by calling 717-544-4636.
*Nicotine patch, gum and lozenge as grant funding allows

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