Dr. Oyer
Randall A. Oyer, M.D.

The Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute is committed to the highest quality compassionate cancer care and public health. Our dedicated team of professionals is prepared to provide cancer care and support during the increasing presence of the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 (the illness it causes), in our beloved community.

We are prepared to offer high-touch care at a distance (via telephone, FaceTime, and soon with additional video connections), for those whose care would be more safely provided without an in-person visit. We are also here to provide necessary in-person medical evaluations, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery, balancing risk and benefit, as you always expect from us.

No Visitor Policy

With the virus spreading through our community, in-person visits to the Ann B. Barshinger Cancer Institute and our Medical Infusion Unit will be necessarily limited to patients with appointments only. We wanted to share ways we will work together to protect patients and staff in our building. As of March 27:

  • We will provide accommodations and staff assistance for physical needs, including dressing, ambulation, and wheelchairs.
  • We will provide telephone updates for education, status updates, and family questions.
  • We will provide interpreter services for all languages.
  • We encourage personal cell phone and FaceTime use during provider and education visits to remotely include guests that are unable to join the patient.
  • The only exceptions we can make at this time are for cognitively impaired patients at the discretion of the treating physician, and for all pediatric patients. We recognize and appreciate the unquestioned need for a caregiver to be present during visits and treatments.

Thank you for helping us and your community apply proven methods of coronavirus containment.

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