Lancaster Rehabilitation Hospital

Orthopedic Program

Rehabilitation following orthopedic surgery or major multiple trauma is a challenging and demanding experience. Our orthopedic program provides specialized rehabilitation care and treatment for patients who have undergone total joint replacements or spinal surgery, sustained a hip fracture, or suffered a multiple orthopedic trauma.

Orthopedic conditions can leave patients with limited movement in their joints, loss of strength, and significant pain resulting in the inability to perform their self-care activities and daily routine.

Our program helps you set and achieve goals to maximize functional recovery so you can return to the highest possible level of independence and function. A combination of traditional and advanced treatment options are individually prescribed and delivered to every patient.

Goals of the Orthopedic Program

  • Maintain health and prevent secondary medical complications
  • Pain elimination and/or management
  • Wound management
  • Compliance with weight bearing and joint precautions
  • Joint mobility and strength
  • Progressive mobility skills
  • Independence in self-care activities and daily routine with adaptive equipment as indicated
  • Provide patient and family education and training
  • Develop an integrated discharge plan with the patient and caregivers and arrange for community resource support

Rehabilitation Treatment Model

  • Clinical Guidelines: Orthopedic-specific clinical rehabilitation evaluation and treatment guidelines are followed by the team
  • Clinical Protocols: The treatment protocols utilized by the rehab team in care delivery are continuously updated based on best clinical practices

Special Program Services

  • Case management services to coordinate treatment
  • Home accessibility evaluation and modification recommendations
  • Independent living program
  • Self-medication management program
  • Community re-integration focused on community mobility
  • Utilization of your surgeon’s prescribed treatment protocols

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