Review and Edit Your Profile

Update Your Scope of Practice Keywords (Required)

The Scope of Practice section in ProviderMatch, our new Find A Doctor program, displays the symptoms, conditions, treatments, and procedures that describe your clinical focus. This helps patients and peers find you. If you do not select any terms, you will be given a default specialty-specific profile when updates go live.

You Can Now Manage Your Own Profile

You will now be able to view all your profile information in ProviderMatch and either make changes directly, or read instructions on how to contact outside sources, such as credentialing and FEDS, for other edits. 

To learn more, view an interactive example.

How to Update Your Profile 

  1. Log in to ProviderMatch with Chrome or Internet Explorer.
  2. Enter your LG Health email and select "Next."
  3. Enter your LG Health user name and password and select "Logon."
  4. Navigate to "Clinical." Select the “Edit” button at the top of the section. Review your information and make any necessary changes (required).
  5. Review additional profile data and make or request changes (optional).
Confirm and Submit Changes
  1. Select the “Notes” tab. Click “Edit” and mark “Yes.” (required)
  2. Click “Submit for Review.” (required)

A designated clinical approver in each specialty area will then review your updated profile. After your profile is approved, the changes will go live* on your current provider profile page. 

For more details, view our tip sheet.

*Please note that changes made to your scope of practice keywords will go live on when the full-system rollout is complete this summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Penn Medicine ProviderMatch (PMPM) program?

Penn Medicine ProviderMatch is a new provider profile management application (Find a Doctor) that standardizes information to help match patients to the right providers. ProviderMatch lets physicians and advanced practice providers update their own profiles shown on the Penn Medicine website.

How are these lists of clinical terms being put together?

ProviderMatch comes with a library of more than 10,000 terms, curated by a physician board and led by a chief medical officer. All terms under “clinical expertise” currently in the Find a Doctor will be removed and replaced with terms from the library. The library includes lay and clinical terms for conditions, symptoms, treatments and procedures, as well as synonyms.

How does this new program benefit providers?

Providers can update their own profiles, ensuring accuracy and up-to-date information that reflects their clinical scope of practice. The profiles will perform better in organic search results on Google and other search engines which helps patients find providers.

How much time will it take me to update my profile?

It only takes 5-10 minutes to review and make updates in ProviderMatch.

Does every provider profile require an approval before going live? Who will approve profiles?

Yes. This ensures there is a consistent and governed approach to managing all provider profiles. Each provider will have an assigned clinical and marketing approver.

What is the marketing profile update form used for? Where is it found?

Use the marketing profile request form to request profile updates to practice locations, profile images, education and certifications. Find the form at

How do I update my academic information in ProviderMatch?

You will need to make updates to the fields listed below in the FEDS (Faculty Affairs & Professional Development) database:

  • Publications
  • Academic office
  • Professional memberships
  • Research statement
  • PubMed Link

 To update “Faculty Titles,” please contact your department’s faculty coordinator.

If you need technical support logging in to your profile, please contact