Providers can now select up to 20 clinical expertise terms to highlight on their web profile. The purpose of this feature is to make the most important terms more prominent and easier for patients to see. Note that all terms on your profile, even those that are not highlighted, are used when patients are searching for providers. Moreover, highlighting terms does not impact the order of search results.

Below are two examples of profiles with and without highlighted terms:

Example 1: No highlighted terms

All expertise terms are listed in alphabetical order. The first 20 are displayed by default, with the remaining terms hidden until the "Show All Expertise" button is clicked.

provider profile with no highlighted clinical expertise terms

Example 2: Highlighted terms

Only the highlighted terms are displayed by default, sorted alphabetically. The full list of all terms is visible when "Show All Expertise" is clicked.

While profiles can display up to 20 highlighted terms, 5-15 terms are recommended.

Again, ALL terms are used for search purposes. The purpose of highlighting terms is to make the profile easier to read and understand.

provider profile with highlighted clinical expertise terms
Screenshot of provider profile with clinical terms expanded, showing some highlighted terms.

How to highlight terms

In ProviderMatch, edit your clinical expertise terms. Next to the term you’d like to highlight, change the drop-down box from "Searchable" to "Promoted Searchable":

select option used to highlight specific clinical expertise

Save your changes. When you are happy with all changes to your profile, click the blue "Submit for Review" button. (See the tip sheet for complete step-by-step instructions on how to edit your profile.)

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